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the proposed 2-storey medical centre is on the right-hand side of the picture

The proposed Hub will include a new medical centre, library, theatre/hall, coffee shop, community rooms, football pavilion and town council offices, together with retail and housing, forming a new town centre for Southborough.

SAMC has the support of the West Kent Clinical Commission Group and NHS Property, for the scheme to go ahead as we want to cope better with our increasing number of patients and provide extra services.

Keeping our patients informed
This page will be refreshed whenever we have new information for you on StAMC's plans. We also intend to send newsletter updates to those on our email mailing list*, and to place copies in the waiting room. (* you can opt to receive news updates and quarterly newsletters by adding your name to our mailing list - click newsletters on the top menu of this website.)

Click on the tab above to see the Frequently Asked Questions page. Do feel free to email additional questions you might have which will then be added here (not including your name), together with our responses. We may not have immediate answers to all of your questions as detailed plans are still to be developed, but they will be logged here together with an answer when we have one.

LATEST UPDATE from KCC: 15 March 2018
Contractor about to be appointed for the Southborough Hub 15 March 2018

The tender process for the Southborough Hub contractor is drawing to a close with the final three contenders having had their interviews and the detailed evaluation now being completed. All three contractors have come in on price with several suggesting that parts of the Southborough Hub could be delivered in under 12 months from when the contract is let.

Several of the contractors have also put forward suggestions on the buildability of the facility which would alter some of the design elements and these will be considered subject to contract with the winning bidder. The development has 53 conditions to discharge as part of the planning process, one of which included agreeing the cladding element and some of the contractors put forward some very good proposals on this element. The project board is expected to confirm the appointment of the winning contractor in the near future. 

The contract for the developer is anticipated to be signed at the same time as the sale of the enabling residential land in order to ensure that the two elements of the scheme continue to be progressed in tandem.

The Southborough Town Council Hub representative Cllr Ian Kinghorn attended the contractor interviews and said “I had not appreciated the complexity of the project when looking in from the outside or the legal issues involved in getting us to this point but it was fascinating to attend the meetings with the contractors and see their different proposals. It was clear that they had all spent a considerable amount of time and effort putting their bids together and some of their options had some very exciting elements to them. The public procurement process has taken its time as these things do, but I am convinced that we have got the right contractors for the job and I look forward to being able to finally appoint a contractor and get work starting on site”.

The reserved matters planning application for the residential development is anticipated to be given in week commencing 20 March 2018 with start on site commencing in May.  
The planning application for the temporary accommodation of the Tunbridge Wells Youth Football Club is also anticipated at the same time and the club have already finalised the move out of their current accommodation, leaving the site ready to go. The engineering works to the football fields will start in July weather permitting and last a month.

The FA grant business plan is now almost complete and awaits final tender sums prior to being submitted to the FA. The grant being sought is for over £450k and the FA and Southborough Town Council will be seeking protection of the pavilion and the fields for a minimum period of 21 years.
Slow progress continues to be made on the NHS development with heads of terms being drafted and the NHS agreeing to high level meetings in order to speed up the process. 
With elections being held in May and given the significance of this project to the local area, there will be no official updates during the purdah period which runs from 27 March to the 5 May.

Original layout plans for the Medical Centre (subject to current discussion) ground floor and first floor.


SAMC and The Hub
(updated October 18 11th 2016 see items in red)


In Summer 2016, as the prospect of moving to the Southborough Hub now becomes more of a reality, we are in a slightly better position to answer some of your questions.
Do feel free to
email additional questions you might have which will then be added here (not including your name), together with our responses. We may not have immediate answers to all of your questions as detailed plans are still to be developed, but they will be logged here together with an answer when we have one. 

Here is a link to Southborough Town Council's own FAQs which deal with overall questions on the Hub project.


What will be the benefits for patients?
Opportunity to receive more in ‘the community services’: patients can receive a wider range of services at SAMC that they might otherwise have to travel to hospital or other clinics for. These may include counseling, physiotherapy and specialist diabetes support.
Note: The hub’s integration of the medical centre with the other community services enables the cross transfer of public health messages as well as education on preventative health care.
(question posted 1/7/2016; answered 1/7/2016 - closed)
What are the benefits for SAMC clinicians and staff?
More space will make it much easier to offer the best services to our patients, with more consulting rooms, better office conditions and sufficient storage for equipment.
Note: our patient list is 8,500 currently and is expected to reach 10,000 within the next four years.

The current centre has six consultancy rooms and two treatments rooms, and the plan is to increase this to 10 and four, respectively.
(question posted 1/7/2016; answered 1/7/2016 - closed)

Will the medical centre be used in the evenings?
Not for general practice by SAMC but we may rent out appropriate treatment rooms for other practitioners related to well-being, e.g. physiotherapy and plough any funds back into the practice for the benefit of our patients.
(question posted 18/10/2016; answered 18/10/2016 - closed)


When will the new medical centre be open?
The developers are planning to complete the new build in 2019 but we currently have no more information.

(question posted 1/7/2016; – but still open for updates)
Where can I check the progress of the move?
Here on our website – Southborough Hub page; and/or by signing up to receive our quarterly newsletter via email (you can do on this website) or by looking at a copy in the medical centre.

(question posted 1/7/2016; answered 1/7/2016 - closed)


Will the number of patients increase?
Not as a direct result but patient numbers have risen 4-fold in the last 30 years to more than 8,000 currently, and this is expected to reach 10,000 within the next four years.

(question posted 1/7/2016; answered 1/7/2016 - closed)

Will there be sufficient car parking places for patients? 

  • The hub car park will have around 90 spaces available to any Hub user (our current authorised parking in Pinewood Gardens has around 12 places)
  • There will 2 disabled spaces and staff parking immediately adjacent to the medical centre
  • Some of the 90 places are also likely to be reserved for disabled parking
  • Given that 90 places are available, it may not be necessary to earmark some of those spaces for the exclusive use of visitors to StAMC 
  • As it is now in the Yew Tree Road car park, it is likely that the first 2 hours of any parking will be free

(question posted 13/7/2016 answered 13/7/2016 - closed)