APPOINTMENTS MISSED could mean being removed from our patients list - see revised policy on Appointments page. +++ See our new Self-Health corner at SAMC - check your height, weight, and blood pressure confidentially and get advice if necessary. + see latest news from KCC on the medical centre at the Southborough Hub.

You can request Online or On the phone 

To register for online: visit SAMC and bring:

Registration also gives you online access to booking some appointments and a summary of your medical records.

1 Photo ID e.g. passport or driving licence, (or if you don't have photo ID, a paper copy of your driving licence)
2 Form 23. Patient access to online prescriptions and apointments completed

3 Your password will be emailed to you

4 Complete registration online by clicking Patient access icon below then clicking REGISTER, and then follow the prompts

To order

Order EARLY - 7 days in advance

by clicking this icon

BY PHONE 01732 375262 (Monday to Friday 08.00 to 16.00)

Online or phoned orders are received electronically by your doctor for signing and forwarding electronically to the pharmacy where you want to collect your medication.

Allow 3 full working days (not weekends/public holidays) from ORDER to COLLECTION.

Once you have ordered and only if you want to check status


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