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Newsletter Q1 Spring 2018
All the latest news from SAMC.

In this issue:

Behind the scenes at SAMC - Medical Secretaries
Not surprisingly most patients won’t be familiar with the roles of our ‘behind the scenes’ teams - find out more....
Hot topic April - 3 tips for Spring fitness - don’t say you can’t!
Being overweight or unfit is a problem for many of us but we can do something right now! We spend a little too much time sitting down and not being physically active enough for our own good, so here are 3 tips for getting more active and improving our fitness 
- find out more....

Repeat prsecriptions
We are always reviewing our working practices to increase efficiency and reduce costs where we can. At the same time, we try hard to make it easier for patients to use our services. When it comes to repeat prescriptions, we have made it possible for those requesting prescriptions to do so without having to visit SAMC 
- find out more....

Southborough Hub
Contractor about to be appointed 15 March 2018
- find out more....

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