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About our Patients

This section covers:

  • Personal data, SAMC policies and notices with respect to the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018
  • New registrations, for patients wanting to register with St Andrew's Medical Centre
  • Medical records, how to access your records
  • Contact changes, for patients wanting to advise name, contact number or address changes
  • End of life, helpful advice

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Personal Data Protection

St. Andrew's Medical Centre has policies in place to ensure that we comply with the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR), May 25th 2018. 

The GDPR gives people more control over how organisations use personal information, or data.

We value your privacy and want to be clear about the data we collect, how we use it and your rights to control that information.

We have set our policies for you to view on GUIDES and LEAFLETS page. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your contact details

If you or your family members have changed any of your CONTACT details, please download and complete a form from our FORMS page.


About our Patients - new registrations

If you live in the practice catchment area (click 'practice area' on the header banner menu to check) and wish to register as a patient here, please take the following steps:

Adult Patients over 16 

To register, download a ADULT Patient Registration form from FORMS for PATIENTS page, for each person in your family that you want to register. 

Children 16 years and under
To register any child under 16 years of age, download a
CHILD UNDER 16 Patient Registration form 
from FORMS for PATIENTS page.

Care home patient
To register any patient residing in a Care Home, download 
a CARE HOME RESIDENT Patient Registration form, from FORMS for PATIENTS page,

Take the completed form(s) to Reception and, wherever possible for each person being registered, bring with you the following:

  • A completed New Patient Registration form
  • 2 forms of identification
    • photographic (passport or driving licence). If you don't have photographic identification we will accept a Birth or Marriage Certificate
    • NHS Medical Card

We will not be able to register you until these formalities have been completed.

The NHS has produced a number of special help leaflets and general information for those who fall under one of the patient groups below. Please download the leaflet* and also bring it with the other documents above, when you register with us. 

You can also find more help and information on the NHS Choices website.

  • How to register as a former armed forces member 
  • How to register as a temporary resident

My Doctor @ SAMC

“A lot of us are happier when we visit people we know. Particularly so when we are feeling unwell or need to see a Doctor – our Doctor. We feel a little bit more comfortable and a little more at our ease.

It’s good to know that my Doctor knows me, and is familiar with my medical condition and needs. It makes sense that my Doctor can more easily diagnose and treat the problem. I’ve built up a real rapport with my Doctor who also knows members of my family who are patients.

There has been the odd occasion when my Doctor hasn’t been available and I needed an urgent consultation, but I always try to get to see my Doctor.”

Rachel, Southborough

When a new patient joins us at SAMC we specifically allocate them (plus any family members) to one of the Doctors. Our aim is to ensure that the ratio of patients to each Doctor is more or less the same, and this takes into account the number of surgeries each Doctor does. Most people then stick with that Doctor. But patients can choose to change their Doctor if they wish.

MyDoctor Days
Because most of our patients prefer to see their own Doctor on every occasion, it is good to know when your Doctor will be at SAMC so that you can try and plan consultations accordingly. 

Of course there are times when you might need to see another Doctor, for example when your Doctor is away perhaps on holiday or your need is urgent and your Doctor is not available.

Who is MyDoctor?
If you don’t know who your own Doctor is, hopefully that means you’ve been in the rudest of health and haven’t been to see us for a while. But whatever your need, from medical consultations to a certificate of some sort, you’ll have your own Doctor. Simply ask Reception and we’ll tell you who it is.

Medical Records


Your medical records are held confidentially by SAMC. Under certain circumstances you, and others authorised by you, may have access to these records.

The types of access are explained below.

1. Online Access
We offer an online service that enables you to book or cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions and change some of your personal details. This service also allows you to view a basic summary of your GP medical record; it includes information relating to current medication, allergies and adverse reactions.

This service is available to all patients.

For full details and to access this service: download form from FORMS for PATIENTS page.

You can also request to see additional information from your record  online - this is called the detailed medical record. Click here for further information.
This service is available to all patients over 16 years of age; the level of access to your medical record is determined by the practice. 

For full details and to access this service: download form from FORMS for PATIENTS page.

Already registered and have an ID and password?
Click the icon below for access then click SIGN IN.

There are circumstances where we can share information from your medical records with other medical professionals and third parties but only with your written permission:

2. Subject Access Request (SAR)
Enables you or another person (with your written permission e.g. insurance company or a solicitor) to be given access to your records. A request to view or to have a print out of either your computerised or full paper records is referred to as a Subject Access request.

To access this service: To use this service download form from FORMS for PATIENTS page, or ask at Reception. This may take 28 working days to complete. 

3. Summary Care Record (SCR)
Enables other medical professionals such as A&E hospitals, NHS 111 and the ambulance service who are directly involved in your care, to see the medicines you are taking, your allergies and any bad reactions you may have to certain medicines. It is advisable that you have an SCR to provide key information about your care however you may choose to opt out.
To access this service: at the time that you registered as a patient at SAMC, you were offered the chance to ‘opt out’ or not. You can check your status by contacting Reception.

3.1 Enhanced Care Record (ECR) you may choose to have additional information included in your SCR, such as your illnesses and health problems, operations and vaccinations, how you would like to be treated, what support you might need and who should be contacted for more information about you.
To access this service: you will need to provide written consent for this if it is recommended for you after discussion with your GP.


End of Life

No one much likes to think, or even talk about death, but realistically it's sometimes good to look ahead.

If you have a strong preference on where, if possible, you would choose to die, or if you have decided that you do not wish cardiopulmonary resuscitation to be attempted, or you have other ‘living will’ issues, it is very helpful for these decisions to be recorded on your notes.

Do speak to your doctor if you would like any advanced wishes and directives to be recorded so that we can try to manage your care in line with your wishes.

To find out what needs to be done in the event of a death click here.